ENVIRA works for you, while you are on vacation!

The list of people and institutions that need various types of waste reports is unlimited: waste plant management, municipal offices, contractors, freight forwarders, etc.
Each of them requires different types of information, presented from a different angle and of  different time ranges.
The REPORT GENERATOR, which is built into ENVIRA, allows you to create almost any data reports that are stored in the system. This is the tool that our clients like and value the most.
One of the advantages is a very simple interface, which makes building the reports intuitively, so even an inexperienced user of the system is able to easily create the required report.
The person working on ENVIRA may create a template that contains the selcted data and parameters, and on these basis the system will automatically generate a report.
What’s more, once saved, the template can be freely edited, and used each time we need to generate a new report, for example, for another period, for another municipality, another waste code, other forwarder, etc. The generator stores the templates and allows to prepare the reports and use them in the future.
The best thing, however, is that when you are on vacation, ENVIRA will make the report for you and send it to the interested people. All you have to do is prepare a report template in advance and set a schedule for sending it – ENVIRA will update the data in the indicated template and send it directly to the e-mail inbox at the date indicated by you. The information will be delivered on time, even if the employee who usually generates the report, is currently out of office, on the beach or on the mountain trail. Sounds interesting?